Denture Repair Services for Bundaberg, Childers & Gin Gin

We offer same day Denture Repairs.

Are your dentures painful of broken? Contact Comfort Denture Clinic Bundaberg for Same-Day denture repairs that will restore your smile.

Broken dentures in Gin Gin needing denture repair services

Denture Repairs

There are several reasons why dentures break. Over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues will change. Many dentures are unable to adjust to the changing conditions of your mouth, resulting in a poor fit. This is when dentures can tilt, wobble and create sore spots – it is also a key factor in causing your dentures to break.

If your denture breaks in your mouth, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your dentures no longer fit the shape of your mouth and gums
  • Your dentures are experiencing excessive force due to tooth grinding

Denture Relines

What is a denture reline?

A denture reline is a simple, cost-effective procedure where the prosthetist reshapes the underside of your denture to make it fit better and feel more comfortable while resting against your gums. Relines can be either “hard” or “soft”.

Hard relines

For those with full dentures, we recommend a reline approximately every two years. A hard denture reline will help to maintain the close, comfortable fit and avoid the need for a complete refit, so it’s a reassuringly cost-effective exercise.

With a hard reline, we ‘reline’ your denture with a pliable material, then place it in your mouth to create an impression. This impression determines where we need to make the adjustments. We then replace your denture with highly durable acrylic, which allows your denture to have a closer fit.

Soft reline

If you have tender gums or your mouth is quite sensitive, you may have developed sore spots or discomfort, particularly when eating. A soft reline allows your gums and mouth a chance to heal while adjusting to your dentures. We’ll apply a soft, rubbery or waxy material that can last up to a couple of years to cushion your gums.

Most denture repairs can be completed on the same day you drop them off, sometimes while you wait. The Vast majority of our denture repair work is done onsite in our dental laboratory.

The Comfort Denture Clinic Prosthetist Richard has over 10 years experience in making and repairing dentures. Richard is always happy to help anyone with any denture trouble, whether it be a cracked denture, a lost denture tooth or a loosely fitting denture.

Its important to feel good and be comfortable wearing your denture.

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