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Comfort Denture Clinic – Affordable Denture Clinic in Bundaberg

At Comfort Denture Clinic, we attempt to make your dentures look as natural as possible, at your initial consultation we can discuss how to make your denture look as you want them to look.

New Dentures

We understand how losing some or all of your natural teeth can impact on your life and we will endeavour to create dentures that suits you. For quality dental care and friendly service, visit our clinic for your dentures.

Relines & Repairs

We offer denture repairs and denture relines. Both services can be done same day .

Custom Mouthguards

We provide custom mouthguards that have been made to fit your teeth comfortably. They add protection while playing sports and other impact activities.

Comfort Denture Clinic is dedicated to providing cosmetic and fully functional dentures.

Comfort Denture Clinic, located in Bundaberg, we fabricate, provide and repair different types of dentures in our on-site laboratory. By doing our work on-site we guarantee that all works are made in Australia, using Australian TGA approved materials.

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