Welcome to Comfort Denture Clinic,

we creates mouthguards for children and adults because we know that sports are something that people of all ages enjoy. Our mouthguards fit your mouth specifically, which gives you maximum protection and keeps your teeth very secure. We work to ADA and Standards Australia standards.

Protect your teeth

Wearing a Custom Fitted Sports mouthguard while playing sport can spread the impact of a blow to a persons face, and help reduce injury to the jaw, lips and tongue. The same impact without a sports mouthguard could result in damage to the players teeth or jaw.  A Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguard is the best way to prevent injuries like these, especially if you participate in full contact sport or other rigorous activities. A Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguard will allow you breathe and talk easily without it falling out .

Custom fitted

These are made by your local Dental Prosthetist. They are Custom Fit for you personally and give the maximum protection and comfort.

Personalised mouthguard

At Comfort Denture Clinic, we can personalise your mouthguard in any number of team colours or designs.

Speak to a friendly Comfort Denture Clinic professional, who understands and appreciates your needs.

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